Nature Perspectives

Nature’s palette is vividly and generously splashed across Sri Lanka and is reflected in it’s incredible beaches, inland waterways, marshlands, tropical jungles, magnificent hill country, and the myriad flora and fauna, all of which combine to produce a miniature Garden of Eden. If nature excites you, prepare to be in a continual state of excitement.

Srilanka beach holidays  

Imagine lying on golden sand, while being fanned by the breeze as it moves through the swaying palms, and lulled by the lapping of azure waters on the shore. Well, in Sri Lanka this is a reality, virtually all around the island. The ebb and flow of the sea has a strong impact on the Srilanka. This is manifested in the fishing communities that thrive on the shores, adding to the romance of beachlife – from the famous ‘stilt fisherman’ to the brightly coloured fishermen’s’ boats that go out every day to harvest the fruits of the ocean, there is always an exotic ‘distraction’ to keep you entranced.

The Hills
  hill country of srilanka

Imagine climbing what is possibly the longest staircase in the world to arrive at the top of a peak that has pushed its way 2,200 meters into the clouds, and then to encounter what is probably the most spectacular sunrise you will ever see. You will be atop ‘Samanala Kanda’ or Adam’s Peak – a place of religious significance to the pantheon of religions in the island.

The hills also include the apparently contradictory Horton Plains – a wildly beautiful and desolate plain over 1500 meters above see level. The plains are shrouded in mist, and home to a variety of bird and animal life. Move on to the ‘hill stations’ such as Nuwara Eliya, Haputale, and Badulla that developed over time particularly after Kandy became the country’s ‘hill’ capital in the fourteenth century.

Tea changed the contours of the hill country as well as its fortunes – the smooth green ‘carpet’ was laid in the mid-eighteenth century, and it grew into an industry that today produces possibly the best teas in the world. The beauty and serenity of Sri Lanka’s hill country enhanced with many graceful waterfalls will surprise and delight you, and induce in you an irrepressible urge to return.

Srilankan elephant watching  
Flora & Fauna

Sri Lanka was colonized for its spices – for example; cinnamon, cloves, pepper, tumeric, and nutmeg grow in abundance. In fact so does everything else from the exotic and resilient wild orchid to the delicate rose. The 18,900-hectare Sinharaja tropical forests; a world heritage site, is a perfect example of the incredible bio-diversity on offer in Sri Lanka.

It is home to a profusion of flora and the highest concentration of endemic fauna. Sri Lanka has established a number of ‘wildlife reserves’ that ensure the animals’ and their environments are protected. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat is an unsurpassable experience: The mighty elephant, leopard, bear and water buffalo head the cast. It can only be added to by the most exotic of bird life – 400 plus species on the island.

Sri Lanka is truly a bird watcher’s paradise. Imagine watching up to six peacocks strutting their stuff to the background music of calls from the myriad migratory birds (an estimated198 species) that also feel compelled to visit Sri Lanka.
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